RiskBusiness offers a series of web-based governance, risk management, audit and compliance tools that address specific data processing, management and analysis needs within client firms, from data collection and reporting to full risk programme implementation. They are designed to be used alone or, as requirements dictate, as a fully integrated suite of governance, risk, audit and compliance functionality. The RiskIntelliSet is available either as a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution or installed in-house within your own firm. More...


RiskIntelliSet Core Module

The core module provides for the definition of the firm based on various perspectives, covering operational structure, legal structure, geographical structure, functional structure and management reporting structures, the management of staff and users and a broad range of configuration capability, used by all other services. It includes functionality around remedial action plans, activity authorisation, activity audit trails, documentation storage and management, notifications and alerts and to manage specific attestation requirements from responsible individuals. Support is available to document business and strategic objectives, to define accountabilities and delegations of authority and to link these to the organisation structure. The bespoke RiskIntelliSet Report Writer forms part of the core module, facilitating the creation of custom reports which can co-mingle data across every other service, report production scheduling and ad hoc report generation. More...

The RiskIntelliSet is accompanied by a detailed Software Development Kit which facilitates easy integration into a firm's core systems. For more information on our Technical Architecture, please click here.

For additional information on the RiskIntelliSet, click here to make an online enquiry, or email us on info@riskbusiness.com.